The aim of this module is to develop the digital skills that foster the reintegration into the labour market of unemployed adults over 45 years old, by promoting the following learning about information processing

  • How to solve some routine problems (e.g. close program, re-start computer, re-install/update program, check internet connection)
  • How to find useful information for solving digital problems

By studying this module, you will learn:

  • To communicate with others using mobile phone, Voice over IP, e-mail or chat.
  • To use a wide range of communication tools.
  • To pass on or share knowledge with others online.
  • To create and manage content with collaboration tools.
  • To be aware that when using digital tools, certain communication rules apply
  • To participate in society through public and private digital services and participatory citizenship.
  • To manage one’s digital identity and reputation.
  • How to produce simple digital content in one or different formats (i.e. text, tables, images, audio files, clips, etc.).
  • To make basic editing to content already produced by others.
  • To apply basic formatting to the content produced (i.e. inserting footnotes, charts, tables, pictures, etc.).
  • The different way copyright covers digital content and to apply licenses and copyright.
  • To apply and modify simple functions and settings of software and applications.
  • To protect the devices, personal data and privacy of adults, who equally need to understand the risks and threats of digital environments.
  • To train adults to know more about safety and security measures and to consider reliability and privacy.
  • To enable adults to understand how to use and share personally identifying information while being able to protect oneself and others from damages.
  • To enable adults to understand that digital services use a “Privacy policy” and be aware of how personal data is being used.